Wealth Management


Wellington Capital Advisors come from a diverse background, and bring a wealth of knowledge, contacts and experience to the table. With a corporate culture that encourages both collaboration and healthy debate, clients have the confidence of knowing that their Advisor is always striving to achieve the best possible returns and enduring client relationships. Steady, long standing relationships are the bedrock of our business, and it’s a point of pride whenever an Advisor reaches a special milestone with a valued client. At the same time, new clients are the lifeblood of all businesses, and our professional team are well trained in taking special care getting to know as much as possible about a new client’s life situation and investment temperament.


Every person is unique, as should be each portfolio. Wellington Capital takes a disciplined approach to getting to know each and every new client, and establishing an effective and transparent investment plan that makes sense both to the advisor and to the client. We listen carefully to each client’s needs and concerns so that we can tailor an investment plan that will meet all of their financial goals at a pace that is compatible with their risk and volatility tolerance. Once we have clearly established objectives and parameters, only then do we begin the process of selecting individual investments that are appropriate to growth targets, taxation and other relevant considerations. In essence, Wellington Capital Advisors create an individualized road map to deliver each and every client to their ultimate objective, using the most direct and comfortable route.


These terms are often used interchangeably and are worthy of clarification. International investing refers to investing in opportunities outside of your home country. Offshore investing by definition refers to holding your assets in a country other than your home country. One does not need to hold their funds offshore to invest internationally, and vice versa. However both offer overlapping benefits to investors. One of the most fundamental tenets of successful investment is diversification. There are two main benefits to diversification: risk reduction and greater opportunities for growth, both in capital and income. Wellington Capital clients have the best of both worlds. Being based in Japan, they are able to hold assets in one of the most financially stable countries in the world while simultaneously having access to investment opportunities that span the globe. With Wellington Capital Group, the world is your oyster.


On occasion, we come across investment opportunities for that lie outside our mainstream market recommendations. These may be participation in an IPO, pre-IPO, private equity or an alternative investment. These are the types of investments that can make the difference between having a good annual return and the types of returns that have the potential to alter one’s entire financial situation. They are not regular occurrences which is why we refer to them as special situations. While such investments offer the potential for exceptionally high returns, they are generally accompanied by above average risk. Potential investments of this nature are rigorously vetted by our analysts and only presented to clients with an appropriate stated risk tolerance.
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