About Wellington Capital Group


Wellington Capital Group are firm believers in careful due diligence and thorough fundamental analysis. We employ technical analysis as a secondary measure to confirm equity selections and for matters of timing. We screen all sectors from small to large cap companies for well-priced stocks with strong upward potential. On occasion, we come across special situations that present the opportunity for more aggressive growth. Such opportunities go through a rigorous screening process before being presented to clients, where appropriate within their investor profile.

One of the key factors in our successful track record has been taking the perspective that we are buying a business, not just buying a stock. The popularity of market sectors and the latest investment darlings are constantly in flux. Experience has taught us that the most effective long term investment strategies are based on finding great companies with solid financials and steady management that are undervalued and ideally in defensive sectors. Over the long term, maintaining this discipline has created strong and steady returns for our valued clientele.

Fundamentally, Wellington Capital Group could be described as conservative growth investors. We actively seek out high quality companies that are trading at attractive prices and have solid, long term potential.


Risk Management is a cornerstone of Wellington Capital Group and has been since our inception. Our company is employee owned and managed, and everyone has a vested interest in protecting our firm, our reputation, and most importantly, our clients. The foundation of effective risk management is having formal internal controls. We have a dedicated Risk Management Committee that regularly reviews individual portfolio construction, trading patterns, internal compliance and information technology and security. The head of the Risk Management Committee reports weekly to Senior Management and we have systems in place to attend to any issues and concerns that arise from both the Committee and any and all members of our staff.
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