Our Clients


Wellington Capital Group Tokyo Japan, understands that just as no two people are alike, neither are each client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance. Our wealth advisors start with an in-depth discussion to learn about your personal and financial goals and your typical investment activities. Listening is the best and only way to learn how to help each and every client. Our advisors will ask many questions to learn about a client’s life, their personal and professional situations, and about their attitudes towards money and other financial issues. Once we have a complete understanding of who you are as a person, only then can we map out an effective strategy to meet your needs as an investor. Your personalized investment plan is the road map that we refer to on an ongoing basis both to make investment decisions, and to measure our successes. Your Wellington Advisor will review your needs and goals periodically and adjust your established investment plan as necessary.


  • Ask questions and listen carefully.
  • Build a personalized investment plan.
  • Invest appropriately.
  • Review needs, goals and plan regularly.
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